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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

About Jess 7

The latest stable release of the Jess rule engine includes a major update to the rule engine itself as well as a brand-new graphical rule development environment based on the open-source Eclipse IDE. This page highlights some of the features new to Jess 7.

Feature List

Eclipse-based rule development environment
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  • Syntax coloring you can customize
  • Content assistant supplies template, slot and function names -- and more
  • Real-time error checking with markers and error highlighting
  • Automatic code formatting
  • Fast navigation using outline view
  • Parenthesis matching and auto-insertion
  • Online help for Jess functions and constructs via "hovers"
  • Help hovers for deftemplates you define
  • Run and Debug commands for Jess programs
  • Graphical debugger with suspend/resume, breakpoints, variable display
Native XML rule language support Jess 7 has its own declarative XML rule language called "JessML", which is designed to be easy to transform into other XML rule languages as well as into the Jess rule language. Tools for reading, writing, and transforming JessML are included.
Rule loop prevention Problems with rule loops are a thing of the past! Jess 7 gives you the power to deal with them in a clear, sensible way.
Matching with regular expressions Add the power of Java regular expressions to your rules!
An all-new improved JSR94 driver Jess was the first rule engine to feature support for the JSR94 industry-standard rule engine API. Jess 7 includes an all-new driver which works with JessML or the Jess rule language itself.
New rule language features New conditional elements like "forall" and "accumulate" let you express powerful concepts with ease.
New simplified query API Search Jess's working memory using a familiar JDBC-like interface.
Improved error reporting Development is easier than ever with friendlier error messages that help you focus on your problem domain.
Faster Java object manipulation Working with Java objects from Jess is easier than ever, and up to 50% faster!
Last Modified: Thu Feb 21 11:27:18 EST 2008