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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

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The Jess manual changes, as does Jess, with each release. Make sure you're using the appropriate version of the manual for the software you actually have, as not every Jess feature is compatible between versions. The various software download bundles each contain a copy of the appropriate manual for that version of Jess.

Note: These are the original versions of the respective manuals. Any general statements about Jess and its capabilities made in these manuals were true at the time of writing, but may no longer be true; check the most up-to-date manual for Jess's current capabilities.

  • Jess 7.1 manual. This is the latest stable release version of Jess.

  • Jess 6.1 manual. This is an older version of Jess that works with JDK 1.2.

  • Jess 5.2 manual. This is an older, unsupported version of Jess that works with JDK 1.1.

  • Jess 4.5 manual. This is the old version of Jess that is still JDK 1.0.2 compatible. Note that the manual was still one huge HTML file at this point.

In addition, the following printable documents were contributed by David Scuse:


  • Predicate Calculus and Jess, by Wolfgang Laun. Shows how Jess can be used to implement concepts from Propositional Logic and First Order Predicate Calculus. Perfect for anyone coming to Jess from a background in computer science, mathematics, or philosophy.
  • The Zen of Jess, by Jason Morris. Explains the right way to approach Jess and rule-based programming for the uninitiated.

  • Some Guidelines For Deciding Whether To Use A Rules Engine, by George Rudolph. Useful advice on choosing the right tool for the right job.

Jess in Action

"Jess in Action" (Length: 480 pages; Publisher: Manning Publications Co.; ISBN: 1930110898; Publication date: July 2003) is a tutorial guide to using Jess. Sandia policy is to avoid endorsements for commercial products or organizations. Hence this page provides no link for the publisher or any further information about how to obtain the book.

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