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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Getting Help

Historically, the jess-users mailing list, described below, was the primary means of asking questions and getting help with Jess. Nowadays, we'd like you to either:

  1. Post Jess or Java programming questions to StackOverflow. We monitor the jess tag on StackOverflow (so be sure to tag your question appropriately!) and we can answer your questions quickly there.
  2. Send bug reports and other technical issues unsuitable for StackOverflow, directly to us at
  3. Send questions about licensing directly to us at

Jess Mailing List

There is still a mailing list for users of Jess. Patches and announcements are posted to this list, but we no longer encourage people to use this list to ask questions.

To subscribe, send mail to containing the text

  subscribe jess-users
as the body of the message.

Our list is moderated, so it's spam and virus-free.

There is a third-party archive of the list at Some older messages can be found at

There is another archive at Nabble.