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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Java Pitfalls

One of the best advantages of using Jess is its ease if integration with the host Java language. Unfortunately, this can be turned into a great disadvantage by a developer that is very familiar with Java and the object-oriented programming paradigm, but has little understanding of rule-based expert systems and non-procedural programming. These examples demonstrate some of the common mistakes a Java developer will make when beginning to program Jess.

ValidUsesOfTest The valid uses of the test CE.
FactsVsObjects The fundamental difference between Jess facts and Java objects.
FactsVsShadowFacts The fundamental difference between Jess facts and shadow facts.
FactsAreNotObjects Jess is not a traditional object-oriented system. Avoid building complex object models.
JessNotJava Although Jess allows you to write Java code, don't do it!
BadSalience Jess is not a procedural language, don't overuse salience.

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