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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Jess Design Patterns

Jess Design Patterns Page

According to the classical Gang of Four (GoF) book ISBN 0201633612, a design pattern is description of communicating objects and classes that are customized to solve a general design problem in a particular context.

Such patterns do repeat themselves in Jess applications, it makes sense that Jess developers would want to catalog them and re-use the experience of other developers in writing better Jess applications. A study of rule-based expert systems literature shows that most rule-based expert systems fall into one of the following ten areas:


We have a winner for our first Jess Design Pattern! Alan Moore has gotten the ball rolling, so when Ernest gets us some Jess T-shirts, we'll have one for him. Thanks Alan! - JM

If you want to contribute a Jess Design Pattern, just use this XML-based NewDesignPatternTemplate .

Pattern Links

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