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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Jess In Action

ErnestFriedmanHill's book about Jess. The book covers the Jess language in a few chapters, then spends most of its time dissecting a series of fairly substantial example applications.

Like any technical book, JessInAction is not perfect; there are errors and other issues. Manning has an errata page for the book on its official web site, but that hasn't been updated in a while. That's why I'm creating the page JessInActionErrata to collect both old and new information about problems with the book.

JessInAction was published in 2003; Jess 6.1 was released at the same time, and in fact the writing of the text and the development of that version of Jess influenced each other. All the code in the book assumes you're using that version of Jess.

I'm writing now in 2006, three years later, and Jess 7 is being released this month. Jess 7 is a major release, and a lot has changed since the book was written. I'm happy to report that essentially all of the material in the book is still relevant, and that all of the code still works in Jess 7. There are, however, some cosmetic differences that might trip up the Jess newcomer. The page UsingJessInActionWithJessSeven tries to address some of those.

JessInActionWithTomcatFive tells you how to get the web application example from JessInAction running with later versions of Tomcat.

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