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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Jess Wiki F A Qs

What is a wiki?

In a nutshell, it's a website that is open to editing by the general public. Typically a wiki archives the information and knowledge related to a particular group which is united by a particular topic or special interest. In our case, the topic is all that is Jess.

Click here for more info.

What is the purpose of the Jess Wiki?

The Jess Wiki is a repository for a new Community of Practice centered on the existing Jess User community. One of its main purposes is to archive the best practices, tips, techniques, and methodologies employed by Jess users.

Can anyone post to the wiki?

Yes! The wiki is open to the whole Jess community. Active participation is very much encouraged and all suggestions are welcome. If you are keen on a particular topic or issue, please feel free to take the initiative and develop the content -- it's easy once you get started!

If everyone contributed a page, what a wonderful wiki it would be. :-)

How do I add a new page to the wiki?

See the instructions on the FrontPage.

How do I edit existing content?

  1. Follow the JessWikiEtiquette guidelines.
  2. Click the Edit button on the page you want to change.
  3. Edit the page.
  4. Click Commit Changes when you are finished.

Can I add graphics to my wiki pages (i.e. screen captures, etc.)?

Sure! Just include a fully qualified URL to the graphic like:

For example, here's a shot of your humble moderator from his hiking days:

Alternately, you can send the graphics files to the wiki moderator, indicate where they belong, and they will be added for you. Most common graphics types are recognized: PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP.

Is this wiki moderated?

Yes, it is indirectly moderated under the same general guidelines as for the Jess listserver. Broadly, anything that enhances the Jess community in terms of practical Jess experiences or theoretical studies is openly welcomed. Anything that is inappropriate or offensive will be promptly removed.

Are the code samples given here guaranteed to be correct?

No. Contributors are solely responsible for the accuracy and correctness of their content. No warranties whatsoever, explicit or implied, are given by the moderator, Sandia National Laboratories, or any of its agents regarding the reliability of any information on this wiki. You should independently verify and test all source code and/or data before using it in a production setting.

I am interested in X, but I donít see it on the wiki front page. What do I do?

If you really think that the topic would be useful to the Jess community, then go ahead and create a new wiki page for it! If you are unsure, contact the moderator

Jess goes great with so many interesting technologies. Here are some seed ideas for Special Interest Groups (SIGS) within this wiki:

  • Hybrid-Expert Systems with Jess
  • Agents and Jess
  • Case-Based Reasoning with Jess
  • Fuzzy Jess
  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Jess
  • JessTab/Protege
  • Business Rules
  • your idea here!!

For the latest Jess Wiki SIGS, go to SpecialInterestGroups 9

What does JIA stand for?

It is the abbreviation for JessInAction, Dr. Friedman-Hill's book on Jess. Get it at ISBN 1930110898

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