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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: News Archives

News Archives

Old news for your browsing pleasure.

Wiki News 10/10/2006

Announcing The New Zen of Jess Blog!

Jason Morris is starting a new blog dedicated to Jess development -- particularly as it pertains to his Ph.D. research in Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) -- but also anything else that catches his eye.

The blog, , is a place to discuss Jess technology and orthogonal issues while keeping the Jess Wiki pure and focused on directly related topics.

If you would like to be a guest blogger, please send Jason an email at 

Wiki News 9/17/2006

ErnestFriedmanHill has added a special wiki page for his book JessInAction. Though Jess 7.0 is backward compatible with Jess 6.0, there are a few subtle differences of which new Jess users need to be aware. Ernest addresses those issues and other errata on this page.

See also UsingJessInActionWithJessSeven and JessInActionWithTomcatFive .

Does this mean that a second edition is in the works?? :-o

Wiki News 9/5/2006

Thanks to SteveSolomon for contributing his Conflict Resolution Strategy Example code. Keep those snippets coming! The wiki content is starting to grow, and the Jess community has my sincere thanks.

If you have a topic that interests you and you would like to contribute, please go ahead an start a wiki page. Send me an email so that I can acknowledge your contribution. As an incentive, we will be offering official Jess t-shirts to prolific contributers.

Possible Topic Areas:

  • JessDE tips and tricks.
  • Applied JessML
  • Using Jess in Web Applications


Wiki News 8/18/2006

I am encouraging all Jess developers to scan the incoming listserver questions for possible wiki content. It takes just 5-10 minutes to "sanitize" a question into a nice example that we can preserve on the wiki.

Here is one that I just added CantBindToSlotIfPatternContainsNot

BTW -- If you have news that you think would be useful to the Jess community, go ahead and post a new news item! -JM

Wiki News 8/12/2006

Check out the new content added by George Williamson at Union Pacific.

DebuggingTips | DevelopmentStrategies | TermDefinitions | UserFunctionExamples | WorkingWithDates

Thanks, George! - JM

Wiki News 8/4/2006

The 2006 PSLC Summer School at Carnegie Mellon University has successfully completed! The main focus was on making intelligent tutoring authorware more accessible to non-programmers, and Jess technology was at the cutting edge -- powering both cognitive and model-tracing tutors.

See the new Special Interest Group on Intelligent Tutoring Systems: IntelligentTutoringSystems

Thanks to all who attended and to all the professors and organizers who made me very welcome during my visit.


Wiki News 7/19/2006

Ernest has updated the wiki software to include new Java syntax highlighting and multiple formatted blocks among other niceties. If you haven't wikied yet, give it a try!

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