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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Sand Box

This page is a place to experiment and learn about editing and formatting pages. Please leave this introductory text for new users, but feel free to edit anything below the line. Just click the "EDIT THIS PAGE" link and play!

Here's a link to the Frontpage.

Here's a link to the PageFormatting rules.

Here's a long (!) line broken for easy editing.

Here's some lists:

  • first unordered element
    • first sub element
  • second unordered element
    • first sub element
    • second sub element
    • third sub element
  1. third ordered element

A real link

An image link

Here's a link to another Wiki Wiki:FrikiServlet WikiPedia:Jess_programming_language

Jason's turn to play in the sandbox!

   public class Foo {
       private String name;

       // Constructor
       public Foo() {
Jess Power Users Group
last-name first-name email company
Morris Jason MTS
Jones Fred MTS
"" "" "" ""

this should be italicized

this should be BOLD

this is my website

And of course.... everyone should buy this book ISBN 1930110898 ;-D

Let's try some numbered and bulleted lists:

  1. Parent level 1
    • child 1a
    • child 2a
  2. Parent level 2
    • child 1b
    • child 2b



This is some bold text



  • An item, not a LinkToSomething.
  • Another item.
  • Yet another item.







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