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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Syntax Tips

SyntaxTips go here

Here are StringManipulationTips for JESS.

Here are ArrayManipulationTips for JESS.

Here is a useful, J2EE-compliant function to determine if a given external address reference is an instance of a particular class.

; NOTE: this function can throw ClassNotFoundException
(deffunction is-instanceof (?j_obj ?className)
    "Return true if the object is an instance of the specified class"
    (if (not (external-addressp ?j_obj)) then (return FALSE))
    (bind ?class
        (((call java.lang.Thread currentThread)
            getContextClassLoader) loadClass ?className))
    (if (?class isInstance ?j_obj) then
        (return TRUE))
    (return FALSE))


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