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JESS ®, the Rule Engine for the JavaTM Platform

Jess Wiki: Front Page

Welcome to the Jess Wiki 2.0!

This is a collaborative space for sharing Jess best practices. Active participation is strongly encouraged and your contributions are always welcome.

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Wiki News 06/15/2008

Rules Fest October 22 – October 24, 2008

The Dallas Rules Group (Dallas, TX) is organizing a major conference for all technical people involved in rule-based development.

This is not a "business rules" conference, nor is it a product trade show. This is a serious discussion on the technology of rule-based systems, their past and future. If you are a developer who is or will be using rule-engines in any capacity and you want to know how they work and how to use them properly, then this conference is for you.

The list of confirmed speakers is quite impressive. For more information, go to or contact James Owen directly.

Cheers, -JM


Old news is now being archived. See NewsArchives

Getting Started

  1. If you haven't used a Wiki before, please read this information first about FranksWiki -- the software that powers this space.
  2. Browse the topics that are currently available.
  3. Edit any existing topics or create new ones. If you modify existing content, please adhere to the JessWikiEtiquette guidelines.

If you want to practice editing a wiki page before posting for real, try the Jess Wiki SandBox

Jess Wiki Topics

These are the currently available wiki topics. Feel free to contribute to any of them as many times as you like. If you don't see a topic that interests you and you would like to add a topic, please follow the instructions in the next section.

CommonBeginnerMistakes A catalog of typical newbie errors and how to avoid them.
DebuggingTips Tips on how to debug your Jess program.
DevelopmentStrategies Strategies on how to perform the knowledge-engineering process and encode the acquired knowledge into a Jess expert system.
JavaEmbeddingTips How to utilize Jess within a Java application.
JavaPitfalls Common mistakes that Java developers make when beginning to program Jess.
JessDesignPatterns Advanced rule-based design concepts.
JessFactoids Fun Jess and expert systems trivia
JessInAction Some pages about this definitive reference to Jess, including errata and information about using the book with recent versions of Jess
JessSnippets An index to frequently coded Jess snippets.
PerformanceTips Tips on how to make Jess run faster and more efficiently.
RelatedTechnologies Other technologies that work with Jess.
SpecialInterestGroups Groups within the Jess User Community devoted to special topics.
SyntaxTips How to avoid those nasty syntax errors and what they mean if you do get them.
TermDefinitions Definitions of terms.

To Add A Jess Wiki Page

  1. Add a link name to the Jess Wiki Topics above (see FranksWiki for instructions).
  2. Copy the JessWikiTemplate for the kind of page that you want to make (If it has one).
  3. Click the new index link (the ? mark next to link name) to go to the new blank page.
  4. Paste the copied template into the blank page at the next available space.
  5. Edit your content and click Commit Changes when you are done.

Jess Wiki Moderator

This wiki is moderated by Jason Morris. If you have questions, suggestions, or ideas please contact him at JasonMorris and put “Jess Wiki” in the subject area..

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